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If Any of you have experienced THIS Letter, or other Letters Similar... Let me Know, and be careful of any Contact in the future with this kind of lady,

Please forward any Info that you may have to "EVA" agency


We have been informed that this girl has scammed
many men, using the usual scenario. The
names(aliases) she uses are: Anastasia
Anastasia Sergeevna, Elena Parneshvily. These are
some of the photographs she is using:

We have been informed that this girl could get you in trouble.

REPORTEDLY, she had played a usual scam scenario with at least one customer. She wants to come to the US, and asks for money for visa and air ticket. She never goes and disappears with the money. The name she uses now is Natasha. We are not sure it is her real name. The bank information that she used:

Bank name: National Bank for Foreign Economic activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Branch name: <removed for privacy>
Account number: <removed for privacy>
Account name: <removed for privacy> NATALYA
Bank address: Republic of Uzbekistan. Tashkent. 54. S.Kalanov Str.

I"d like to bring a letter to your attention which I believe belongs to Lydmila <removed
for privacy> from Yalta Ukraine I wrote two Ludmilas, however, the other was from Russia and as you will note this one has a Ukrainian Email address.

I purchased her address and four others on Monday. I received the attached Email back from her immediately the next day. (It"s safe to open). As you will note it"s exclusively a money request. I"m very experienced in this process and even a rookie could spot this as an obvious scammer.

I"ve spent almost half a year in the Ukraine and very few GOOD LOOKING women have a problem scrounging up five hryvnia for an hour of Internet time (despite what many agencies would have us believe). In the rare case they can"t come up with it, no legitimate woman would ask for it, ESPECIALLY IN THE FIRST LETTER!

I just thought I would advise you of this situation.

Regards, Rick Cumming


Her attached letter

Hello Rick.

Thanks for translate Oksana, I hope you understand me with out any help, I hope my English is ok. Haw you can sea you"r letter find me very soon, I jast start close my mail side, it too ehpensiv for me, I have mobile phone but it turn on at non payment, I want know you better and speak about meet with you but it possible if you well pay my internet servis and I could stay in contact with you. Sorry that I live in such poor country, I have work but my payment nearly enogf for food me and my small dog. You profile is wonderful, espechialy you"r photos!

Kiss you Mila
We have been told by several customers that she (or someone using her name and photo) has conned them for significant amounts of money. She asks for money for tickets and visa, and then they never heard from her again. She is always using this address (which may change in the nearest future):

Poltava, Ukraine
We have been told by several customers that she (or someone using her name and
photo) has conned them for significant amounts of money. She asks for money for tickets and visa, and then they never heard from her again. She is always using this address (which may change in the nearest future):

Elena Shkolnaya
Kybalchicha Str, 11-b, box 97
Ukraine 02183

Hi my friends,

I am a good customer of yours, a sensitive and very educated man trying to find his soul mate.
Recently I have been deceived by a woman advertised at web site.

I was introduced to her by a friend of mine who lives also in Volsk who I met last year during my trip to Russia. I was stupid enough to send her
$900 to come and visit me here (for tickets and money to show to immigration). After they got the money they start to find excuses postponing the
flight and now they have completely disappeared. This happened during December.

I was communicating with her at her sister"s phone in Kazan <removed for privacy>. I am not sure it was really her sister"s phone. Also she gave me
an e-mail address <removed for privacy>.

I have a lot of pictures from her and some e-mails. Please let me know if u need any more information.

We have been informed that this girl could get you in trouble.

REPORTEDLY, she has already stolen money from at least one person and
probably many more. She runs her scam by telling a man that she wants to meet in person, she wants to visit him, but she has no money for the airline ticket and asks for help. She never goes and disappears with your money. The name she uses now is Natalia <removed for privacy>, We are not sure it is her real name.

Vera Ashrafyan

(Name has Been Removed )(Note the almost Perfect English)

Dear xxxxxxxx

Thanks for your letter.

I have a good, honest, kind, sincere, faithful, gentle, beautiful, romantic heart.

I"m 27 yrs.old, 164 cm, 47 kg. I live in the south of Russia in Krasnodar. My speciality is interpreter, teacher of English. I can speak English very well. I"m searching for a real friend that can help me. If you want to be just friends let me know and I"ll be glad

to be your friend. I"m also searching for a person who is interested in finding a wife, not long-term lover. I"m searching for a person who will come to Russia to see me first and then will help me to leave this country. I can travel to see you first if circumstances will allow me.

I need a change and a breath of fresh air with someone new.

I feel lonely here in Russia and dream of somebody who will come and take me away. I dream about big love that will rush into my heart like a hurricane and burn there forever.

My homepage (web-site):


Here you can read about my life, about what I"m searching in life, my interests,

events from my life, about the life in Russia itself and also about the

places I visited in Krasnodar region where I live in Russia. From my homepage there is a link to my photo album

which has the address:


You can write at:


I don"t work now as it"s difficult to find job here, there are no vacancies for me for years and

there is no sense to work for the the salary the state and private firms propose to pay to teachers here

as well as to people of other specialities, the salary they propose is so low that it is not enough even to buy a week supply of food for all money they pay a month even if the person won"t be buying anything else except food and the costs for goods here are

absolutely the same as abroad in UK, USA or even higher. I simply share the events of my life with you and try to be sincere, my style of writing is vivid realism. So the following

information that you will read is complete truth, I think people should know what is happening here in Russia.

The salaries are very low here, the employers demand too much for a miserable salary. As for the costs of goods, they are very high in comparison with the salaries. The economic situation is

unstable, law doesn"t guarantee anything. The representatives of the firms employ either

people with large experience or their acquaintances who pay bribes for being employed.

I hope the description of my situation didn"t put you off. I can be quite a happy person if I"ll leave my city.

I"m not the kind of person who is dull and not funny and thinks about his problems all the time.

Can you help me with some money?

I don"t need more than 100 dollars to be transfered

through Western Union bank as recently I spent the last money I had. My parents can"t help me and it"s impossible for me to find job here and I don"t receive any money from the state as it doesn"t pay anything to unemployed.

To tell the truth I"m tired of people who refuse, are rude, lie thinking of many unreal reasons to explain why they can"t or just ignore my request for money.

They want to date with me, but I don"t answer them if they don"t want to send me money. I don"t have a dollar left.

After some time of search in Internet I came to conclusion that nobody from abroad is going to date with

me in real life, they just talk a lot about dating, but in reality don"t want to spend time and money to visit

me in Russia first. Besides if the person is indifferent to my

situation and doesn"t want to send me money as soon as I asked, I lose interest in him because it means for me that this person doesn"t have heart. I"m not a swindler

and I don"t ask much. If my situation wasn"t so bad I wouldn"t ask. I can"t move abroad as Russians are refused

in visa to work abroad in western countries. My web-site is free of charge, I don"t pay anything for it.

The travel by bus or train to the nearest neighboring city once a year

doesn"t cost me anything, so don"t call me well-traveled. So these are the answers to your questions if you have such in your mind.

To transfer me money you"ll have to find Western Union bank or the bank that deals with western union system

as only this foreign bank is available in Krasnodar where I live and this bank has it"s departments in every country.

Please don"t transfer me money to Russian state banks or to any other banks in Russia as in this case I

doubt that they will give me money at all or it will take forever for me to receive money. As for

Western Union bank, it"s 100 percent trustworthy and gives money immediately after they were transfered.

I can"t give you step by step instruction as I never transfered money myself, I only know that it will be enough to tell them

my family name - Ashrafyan, name - Vera, location - Krasnodar, Russia and they will trasnsfer

money and give you the number of the bank transfer that you"ll have to send to me,

I"ll tell this number in bank together with showing my passport and will be able to receive money. I also need to know your exact name and family name and also the name of your city that you stated in the bank transfer. In Western Union bank they don"t need to have the number of the bank account to transfer money. Besides I don"t have any bank accounts and never had in my life.

People can receive money transfers according to western-union system in the building of the bank here. The address of the bank if you need to state it is

39 Mira St., Krasnodar, Russia

The name of the bank is

Filial ZAO Bank "MENATEP SPb" in Krasnodar

May be you want to get to know me better before sending me money,

but I have very few Internet hours left, so you won"t be able to get to know me better if you won"t send me money, because my Internet hours will soon expire (I have a limited access to Internet,

it means I buy only several hours in Internet, now I have 10 hours left). But don"t think that I"m asking money only for paying for Internet, I"m asking money for food.

If you doubt my situation and think that I have already received money from somebody (I didn"t) and if you view my letter not as a cry for help and if you are the person who gets pleasure when he mocks at somebody who asks for help please don"t bother me with stupid questions that show your suspicion that can only irritate me or bring pain. And please don"t ask me what you will get in case you send me money, because it"s not a shop and I"m not selling anything,

I"m asking for HELP (so don"t ask me my naked pictures in return or something else).



Name: Olga or Olya
Surname: Matveeva
Country of residence: Russia
City: Orel (or Oryol)
Age: 27 (on May, 23, 2001 - I"ll be 28 yrs. old)
Eye color: grey
Height: 172 cm or 5"8
Weight: 54 kg or 119 lbs.
Hair color: light blond
Date of birth: May, 23, 1973
Occupation: I am an employee in the firm
Income: low
I have no children, but I want children
Religion: Christian
I do not smoke, do not do drugs, I drink only on social occasions
Education: college graduate, engineer-technologist in production of food products
About myself: I"m friendly, romantic, fun, kind, caring, honest, with a sense of humor, healthy. I like to read, to listen to modern and classical music, to visit museums, exhibitions, theatre. I like to cook and am a good cook.
Knowledge of English: I will be able to understand what is written in your letter using the help of the dictionary, I understand oral English speech a little.
Interests, hobbies: running, walks in the open air, I like dancing
I would like to meet Caucasian or Hispanic man, between 27 and 45 years old,
170 - 195 cm (5"8 - 6"5), 50 - 96 kg (110 - 212 lbs.), without children, Christian or not religious, but not Muslim, with good health, who doesn"t smoke and is not a heavy drinker, with good income, intelligent, kind, with sense of humor, he can have any hobby and occupation (job).
I would like to meet for future correspondence by ordinary mail and marriage a man who can speak Russian well, as I know English a little, preferably a man from Russia or other former Soviet Union republic who emigrated abroad to western Europe or USA or a man who was born abroad but has Russian heritage and that"s why can speak Russian well, I would also like to meet a foreigner who studied Russian or lived in Russia for a while and who will be able to talk with me in Russian as I want to avoid a language barrier. I can also correspond in English with a man if he doesn"t know Russian, but then he"ll have to pay for my English courses for me to study English and to know it better. Though I studied English in college a little.
This information is placed here by my friend as I don"t have Internet access and don"t have e-mail box, so please don"t write anything into
a guest book on this site as then your letter will be never read, if you are interested in me, please send me an insured letter by express mail with your photos and details about yourself at the address below:

Matveeva Olga,
Orlovski region, 303112,
Orel (Oryol), p/o Streletskoe, house - 14, KB. 1,

You can also phone me at my home phone number: 7-08622-403748 or try 7-8622-403748 (the code of Russia is 7, the code of my city is 08622 or 8622)

Please phone only those who speak Russian well and phone only in the evening as I"m working during day time from Monday till Friday or you can phone me at the weekend at any time, but please calculate the time difference between our countries not to phone me at night as I need a good sleep at night as I have to wake up early to go to my job and I live with my mother, brother, sister and my 2 nieces (my sister"s daughters) whom I love very much in the same apartment and it will be not kind of you to wake them all up at night by your phone call.
As for Russian men who are currently living in Russia, I would ask them not to contact me.

Also ATTENTION PLEASE: don"t send your letters to email address xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
stated at the bottom of this site as this is the email address of my friend who placed the information about me on this site as she had to state her own email address to be able to register this site for me, so if you send your letter to this email address:
she will never answer your letter and will never resend it to me

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