International marriage agency EVA would glad delivery any mail's for your sweet lady or friend's in Russia. Very quickly and reliable, with great pleasure!

  1. VIP GOLD membership for 1 month:
    + Translate unlimited amount of letters,
    + Unlimited amount of photos to send,
    + include post address and phone number girl,
    + 20 minutes live translation service by phone conversation
    + Complimentary delivery Ц 1 Rosa & nice card
    + Agency will give for your friend in Russia unlimited online-time, and Yahoo - m-r access for Chat,
    + Forwarding service (She will be able to send for you love-note by post, absolutely free), $ 250
    GOLD-MEMBER_ID:G_Amount $250

  2. VIP SILVER membership for 1 month
    +Translate unlimited amount of letters,
    +Unlimited amount of photos send,
    + include post address and phone number girl
    +Agency will give for your friend in Russia 60 hours online-time, and Yahoo - m-r access for Chat.
    +Forwarding service (She will able to send for you love-note by post, absolutely free) $ 200
    SILVER_MEMBER_ID:S_Amount $200

  3. 1 month membership $20 with unlimited delivery not translated <=> e-mails
    Agency will give for your friend 3 hours online-time,
    Charge for every photo $3 may be apply,
    Charge for translation by request ,
    limite for internet support,
    No forwarding service.(Your friend will not able to send for you birhday or any post card, we provide this service only for SILVER OR GOLD MEMBERS).

  4. 6 month membership $90 with unlimited delivery not translated e-mails
    Charge for every photo $3 may be apply,
    Charge for translation by request,
    No forwarding service,


    • Translate the message into Russian($4/per Kb)- pay in advance $50

    • photos attached ($3/per photo)

      address and telephone ($10)

      nice card ($3)

      teddy bear(from $19 to $63)

    • single rosa($8)

    Payment 1 month membership

    Payment 6 month membership

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    Help for children without parents Our pleasant report: International Marriage Agency "EVA" regularly help children without parents. For instance : On New 's Year Eve we presented a new color TV for an Omsk orphanage lobby. June 1st, a special day to protect children, we will bring a lot of toys to the orphamage. In the winter time we help wiith maintainance work by cleaning snow off walkway. All through the year we assist with tickets for performances and play with the children. These children have not been in a foreign country. We ask our clients if they have a childs size t-shirt with the emblem of your country to be sent to them in Omsk,Russia. You could also help the children with a small monetary donation for other clothing, a childrens book, a toy or a basket of fruit and candy.

       Help for orphan

    Thank you! The following is general information that can be used when writing anyone.

       Corresponding by mail is like anything else; the more experience you have with it, the easier it is. If you"re finding it difficult to express yourself in your first letters, you might like to try an uncomplicated, straightforward approach.

    For example, try beginning with a simple

    "Hello, my name is so and so" followed by such biographical old reliables as your age, height, weight, occupation and marital status. Next you might throw in something about the city or town you live in, what it's like to live there, what rivers or lakes it's near, what makes it unique and what are its attractions. From there you can move on to your interests and hobbies. Don"t be put off if your favorite interests don't conform to theirs.

    Having different likes can make you more interesting to each other, and finding a carbon copy of yourself is probably not what you're looking for.

       Tell her about your life, your goals, your job, your friends, how many people are in your family, what things elevate your soul.

    Tell them what an average day is like for you.

    While you're at it, ask them a lot of questions, too, starting with what a day in their life is like for them.

    If you know what their occupation is, ask them to tell you all about it.

    Do what you can to be polite and respectful in your letter.

    Asking her about a negative topic you may have heard about their country could offend them.

    It's best to stick only to positives until you know the person better.

    Be as honest about yourself as you can and speak from the heart, but stop short of revealing your past relationships or any skeletons in your closet at this point.

    The people you"ll be introducing yourself to will, with few exceptions, be very serious about marriage and finding a good partner.

    A "playboy" is not what they are looking for or expect.

    Take care not to mislead them or make any promises you are not likely to keep.    You needn't tell them everything about yourself in your first letter; that can wait till later letters as you slowly reveal more and more of yourself and build your relationship.

    For now, the idea is to introduce yourself in this first letter-probably in no more than five pages and perhaps ideally in two pages. The main thing is to give the person you"re writing a clear idea of what sort of person you are and enough information so they"ll be able to decide if you appeal to them. (You may also consider asking for their phone , fax , or e-mail address.) If you write a polite, good-natured introductory letter, most of those you write will answer you back. If you"re starting out by writing to many different people, there is a natural temptation to send off the same typed form letter.

    This might be a good idea for the first letter since most people learn English from the typed form. Before hand-writing a letter (which is seen as more personable), find out if they know hand-written English. It"s also important to write as legibly as you can out of consideration of the person who will be reading your letter.    Try to avoid the possibility of confusing them by staying away from any use of idioms, slang or colloquial references. Also remember to put the name of your country in your return address; unless a person you"re writing to already knows you, they may have no clue what country to send a reply to.    Consider it standard practice to include a photo of yourself in your first letter -- if not an original, then a color-copied one.

    Be sure to send only recent photos.

    To keep your costs down, you might get 10 or 15 different photos of yourself and arrange them on a sheet of paper; then take it down to your local printing store and ask them to run off about 10 color copies of the sheet. This will give you 100 to 150 color-copied photos ready to send off. Plain black-and-white photocopies are not likely to be well received.    Unless you've led the sort of life where you're used to hitting the jackpot lottery in anything you do, you"ll be better off not limiting yourself to writing only one or two people. The more people you write to, the greater are your chances of finding the right person. Putting all your eggs into one basket is even more futile if you end up traveling all the way to a faraway country to visit just one person only to find out that you"re completely wrong for each other. Writing to more people will give you a chance to narrow down your choices in the months prior to a trip. Then when the travel day comes, you can have in your hand a list with your 5 or 10 most-preferred people to visit. You may find that the "long-shot" one on the bottom of your list turns out to be the one who"s most suited to you.    Mailing Letters to the former USSR.  Sometimes a lengthy duration is involved in postal delivery to former Soviet Union countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Kirgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Armenia, and Georgia). The safety (due to unscrupulous Russian postal workers) of your letter is also questioned when using regular postal services.

    Although you may hear or read about horror stories involving the Russian (or ex-Soviet) postal service, we would like to state for the record that it isn"t as bad as everyone thinks it is (we send hundreds of letters and receive hundreds of letters each week from the countries mentioned above). You just need to be smart about what you send. Avoid the practice of sending any currency bills to them, not only because it could be embarrassing to them but also because it could be stolen and the letter thrown away.

    There have been several reported instances of postal clerks [in the CIS] burning the midnight oil to all the Western letters in their possession if only one was found to contain cash. Your best bet when sending just a letter-one without money-is probably to use a thin envelope and very thin paper so that there"s no doubt about what"s inside.

    Try not to use any fancy stamps or cute envelopes either - having it metered, and using a plain-Jane envelope is a good idea. Making copies of letters you send can also pay off; then if a letter doesn't arrive, you can send it off again.

    Also, it"s convenient to have a copy so you know exactly what you"ve sent (and to whom you"ve sent it) when the answers to your questions come.    While we recommend you to experiment with different mailing methods, most of our members agree that sending the letters registered through their local post offices works well. Since this isn"t the most economical method for most people we can recommend using special our mail-service.


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